Home School Soccer League, Inc


Home School
Soccer League, Inc.
is a non-profit,
parent-run cooperative
that works to provide 
home-educated students
ages 3 thru high school

the opportunity to
participate in 

Volunteering with us!

It is YOU, the parents and older siblings of our players, that keep the Home School Soccer League operating each season.  The Directors greatly appreciate all your dedication and hard work.  We pledge with your help to do all we can to keep Player Fees as low as possible and the behind-the-scenes operations running smoothly.

The cost of coaches continues to be one of our greatest expenses each season.  In order to encourage you to step into a coaching role, we present here the responsibilities and rewards that go with those positions.  We also provide a means for folks who are not quite ready to coach to get the necessary training and confidence that they need.

We strive for each team to have either a Roll-Call or Team Parent:

ROLL-CALL PARENTS volunteer to assist with the running of their child's team. They must be present at their field to take attendance and distributes name tags 15 minutes before the start of each session. They may also be asked to help escort a child/children to the restroom.

TEAM PARENTS also must arrive early to take attendance and distributes name tags at the beginning of the session as well as providing the necessary bathroom escort service. However, these wonderful folks are considered "coaches-in-training". They will work closely with the team coaches in keeping order among the players, setting up drills, and stepping in as an additional Assistant Coach, as needed.  Many Assistant Coaches often start out as Team parents as they learn HOW to coach soccer.  In exchange for their 8-week commitment, these volunteers receive a Team Parent T-shirt as well as an end-of-season reimbursement of $5 for each of their paid children. They will also receive priority to be selected as a coach in subsequent seasons, just as our current coaches do.

HEAD COACHES take on the responsibility for a particular team, supervising their players, setting up soccer drills and coaching/ref'ing during game play each week.  Unless they have prior coaching or a great deal of soccer playing experience, Head Coaches usually will have served as an Assistant Coach in previous seasons. In exchange for coaching, these coaches are given a gold coach's T-shirt and ALL of the Head Coach's children play for FREE (minus player T-shirt fees).

ASSISTANT COACHES work within a particular team, handling the team's warm up & stretching, and assisting the Head Coach with drills and game play each week.  In exchange for coaching, these coaches are also given a gold coach's T-shirt and up to TWO of the coach's children play for FREE (minus player T-shirt fees).  Any other children are charged $15 to cover insurance costs.

Unless other arrangements are made, coaches must attend a brief Coaches' meeting around noon on the first day of the season in order to pick up their team bags and learn the procedures that will be in place for the first day.

Unless arranged otherwise, all teen coaches are expected to volunteer to Assistant Coach for us for one season, so that we may assess their potential. If selected for a later season, we may offer the teen the opportunity to step into one of our paid coaching positions. Please note that there are a very limited number of paid positions each season.